The People Counting Solution

by TruVision

Know the flow.

Know the flow.

The TruVision People Counting Solution provides public safety and comfort by counting the number of people who pass through the entrance and the exit of a site.

The TruVision People Counting Solution gives the possibility to monitor crowd density to prevent overcrowded locations, it gives visibility on the number of people present on a site, and it can show real-time occupancy so that resources are allocated accordingly.

It has many uses, based on the type of business and the size of the site. The 3 suggested applications are: Social distancing, emergency situations and resource management.

What does it do?

What does it do?

  • It instantly shows you the number of people on site;

  • It gives you numerous options to display the data in TruVision Navigator: in a tile, on a map, in a web browser, on a monitor or even on a mobile device! 

  •  It can trigger an alarm when the defined number of people has been reached; 

  • This alarm can create an action such as door control, access control, traffic light control, PA system control;

  • With TruVision Navigator, you can customize the display, configure the counting parameters, and you can benefit from multiple other possibilities based on your needs.

How does it work with TruVision Navigator?

How does it work with TruVision Navigator?

  • TruVision Navigator is the Video Management Software of all TruVision and IFS products;

  • With the People Counting Solution, it calculates the site attendance based on in/out counters for one or more cameras;

  • It gives the possibility to configure people counting parameters, such as permitted people on site, initial counter, and alert number;

  • It shows real-time counting result on a site map, in a video tile of the software, on a webpage or even on a mobile!

Operators and site visitors receive the information instantly!

The solution is…

The solution is…

  • The camera software, TruVision Navigator, is free - no licenses required

  • Low cost of media player (Google Chromecast, Amazon Firestick)

  • Affordable camera price

  • Simple installation and configuration

  • Respect of privacy

  • Real-time display of the people count

The solution brings you…

The solution brings you…

  • With the possibility to manage resource allocation

  • It enables cost saving on resources

  • It can be linked to access control, door control, light indicators, PA systems

  • By enabling the respect of social distancing measures

  • By monitoring emergency evacuations

Check out the marketing brochure in documents to the right, and the demonstration video below to learn more about it!