Carrier's seismic detectors are capable of detecting and reacting to vibrations patterns caused by even the subtlest attacks by breaking-and-entering tools(such as hammers, drills, diamond saws, hydraulic pressure tools), and thermal tools (such as welding torch and thermal lance).

They sense vibrations that occur within a 3 to 14 meter radius of where they are mounted, depending on the material and design of the protected object and analyse the vibrations intelligently. At the same time, Carrier seismic detectors allow for normal human activity around the protected area without the risk of creating unwanted alarms.

This high level of accuracy is achieved through unique Multi Channel Detection Technology . Three different channels (counting, integration, and explosion) analyse the signal frequencies, duration and amplitude, in order to differentiate between random environmental disturbances and real intruder attack. The end result is detectors with excellent detection and false alarm immunity.

Carrier has a long standing expertise in the field of seismic detection and the use of the most advanced microelectronic processing circuitry for its sensors.

  • Unique Multi Channel detection technology with an outstanding false alarm immunity and high sensitivity to detect /discriminate any mechanical or thermal attack immediately
  • Fully programmable detectors, such as VV700, increasing speed and flexibility at installation. Also for difficult or complex applications.
  • Easy to install.
  • VV600 and VV700 series provides two different test functions: automatic or manually activated.
  • A complete range of detectors for various applications: Vaults or steel cabinets; night safe deposit boxes or ATM’s...
  • Certified technology meeting the highest standards and local approvals such as VDS, NFA2P,...
  • Carrier seismic sensors are compatible with a broad range of accessories.