Aritech intrusion sensors are best in class at balancing superior detection performance with nuisance alarm immunity by, using a triangle of technologies.

With a unique triangle of technologies (PIR, range gated radar and anti-masking), Carrier provides its customers with:

Outstanding false alarm immunity

Advanced digital signal processing means better detection and fewer false alarms. Dual and vector technology gives peace of mind, particularly in harsh environments.

Freedom of installation

Our sensors tolerate wall-angle deviation and different mounting heights.There's no need to adjust sensitivity for shorter distances and coverage is only partially blocked by objects. Depending on the model, it is easy to adjust sensivity on both PIR and range-gated radar technology.

Superior volumetric coverage

Our highly advanced mirror optics give great volumetric coverage, ensuring that no intrusion attempt is missed.

Supreme protection against sabotage

Highly sophisticated anti-masking technology helps thwart any attempt to sabotage the detectors.

Lower power consumption

Our motion sensors are designed for low power consumption.

Unique Triangle of Technologies

Unique Triangle of Technologies

PIR with mirror optics - EV-Series
Sophisticated mirror optics create a dense detection pattern of continuous curtains. Each mirror segment has a lens effect that compensates for the distance of the person moving in front of the detector. This ‘gliding focus’ principle results in a well captured signal regardless how close or far this person is from the detector.


Patented vector enhanced technology - VE-Series
The sophisticated vector algorithms, using pattern recognition, can easily eliminate nuisance signals and can even determine the direction of motion of the intruder.

Range gated radar technology - DD Series
Dual motion sensors combines passive infrared technology with patented range gated radar technology. The range of the radar detection canbe accurately set to a predefined distance. This patented breakthrough technology is unique in the industry.


Anti-masking technology - EV-AM Series, VE-AM Series; DD-AM Series
Our antimasking technology provides superior protection against intruders attempting to block the field of view with sprays and liquids.The antimasking technology in our sensors combines an optical sensor to capture the information with an improved analysis algorithm to activate an antimasking alarm. Our algorithm continually analyses the environmental conditions and detects any unusual changes, such as masking caused by both high and low reflective objects.