Intuitive design, effortless touch

As technology advances, Aritech stands at the forefront, integrating cutting-edge design and user-centric functionality alongside technological innovation.

To prove it, we are happy to add two new products to our security portfolio, the ATS1125 keypad and the ATS1140 touchscreen. These solutions share, among other features, three core values that set them apart:

  • sleek and easy-to-fit looks to match the interiors of today and tomorrow;
  • designed to minimize the effort of the user and easily navigate the programming, operational features, dashboard, system status, alarms, logs, and other function keys;
  • strong security, including a built-in Mifare Desfire EV1/EV2/EV3 card reader. When in secure mode, the data is encrypted from the card to the keypad/touchscreen, and from the keypad/touchscreen to the control panel.

The touchscreen and the keypad can be used for arming or disarming the system with a PIN code, a card, or a combination of the two for an enhanced security. Both work with the multiple card badging solutions available in the Aritech family.

ATS1125 LCD keypad

ATS1125 LCD keypad

The ATS1125 keypad is the newest member of the Axon security system family.

It offers easy operation to the end users with quick arm functionality, part set, and programmable function keys. The keypad features a new user interface with icon-based and readable text on a large graphical LCD display, with system status, alarms, and access control functions.

The keypad comes in white and black versions to fit perfectly depending on our customers needs.

To know more about ATS1125, visit the product page and discover features and more – in the useful links section on the right of this page.

ATS1140 Graphical Touchscreen

ATS1140 Graphical Touchscreen

The ATS1140 touchscreen is the newest member of the Advisor Advanced security system family.

With its sleek 7-inch high-responsive touchscreen, this device redefines control with simplicity and intuition. The modern design, coupled with a new graphical interface, offers effortless navigation. Installation is a breeze, seamlessly complementing the Advisor Advanced family for a streamlined user experience.

ATS1140 combines cutting-edge functionality with chic design, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly security solution.

To know more about ATS1140, visit the product page and discover features and more – in the useful links section on the right of this page.