Technology advances at a rapid pace


With ongoing research and development, Advisor Advanced has become a key element of flexible, scalable, and reliable security installations, surpassing ATS Master in many areas. Especially in communication, the technology is developing at breakneck speed. After switching from traditional analog to IP-based communications, we've already taken another step toward cyber security with UltraSync. This guarantees the reliability of the alarm transmission while providing increased convenience for the end user. A discipline that masters the Advisor Advanced excellently. Here are a few arguments in favor of moving from ATS Master to Advisor Advanced.

Advisor Advanced, the successor


The Advisor Advanced family has been expanded include the EN50131 Grade 3 ATS1500A, ATS3500A and ATS4500A panels. These support up to 512 wired / wireless zones and up to 1000 users as well as EN grade 3 motion detectors, such as the DD1000 series with antimasking Using existing ATS components (keypads, readers, expansions), Advisor Advanced has versatile and reliable options for extending functionality.



Advisor Advanced Central Platform is EN501313 Class 3 certified, has numerous certifications in several European countries and is currently undergoing VdS approval.

Extended wirless sensors with LoNa technologie


Not only the classic 433 and 868 MHz wireless components are available for the Advisor Advanced range, but also a steadily growing number of LoNa sensors.

LoNa stands for "Low Power = Low Power" and "Narrow Band".
This allows for:

  • Higher data rate
  • Variable package length
  • Bi-directional functionality for the push button, input / output module and siren
  • Increased security (authentication, playback protection) through wider use of encryption, encryption of keys and unique keys
  • Compliance to EN50131 standard

UltraSync - Comfort and control


UltraSync provides a secure encrypted and protected network connection.

The UltraSync mobile app gives you quick and easy access to your entire system. Our app offers the latest comfort, such as:

  • Push notifications in case of an event
  • Video Surveillance
  • Full mobility anytime, anywhere

    UltraSync ... a powerful connectivity solution

    • Online at any time
    • Easy to connect
    • No provider or router settings
    • Patented and Proven Security

      Advisor Advanced has been awarded the highest level of CyberSecurity security level, the NFA2P Cybersecurity Standard Level 3, with its advanced Control Panel, Software and Mobile APP and UltraSync communication protocol.

Flexible communication options

A intrusion alarm system depends on a fast alarm or fault transmission. The Advisor Advanced System allows different methods of alarm transmission depending on the security service used or the voice transmission to the end customer. & Nbsp;

Advisor Advanced offers flexible communication options:

  • IP Transmission Module & nbsp; on Board
  • Modular Communication Device & nbsp; via GSM, GPRS, 3G and 4G & nbsp;
  • Communication via mobile app, alarm receiving centers, management solutions and upload / download applications
  • Connections through UltraSync Service

New "Secure" technology


Advisor Advanced supports "Secure" readers and cards starting with FW MR4.2. A method that securely transfers card data between the card and the reader and between the reader and the Advisor Advanced MR4.2. "Secure" cards protect the cards from copying as they are secured with Mifare DESfire EV1. This means that the map data is only provided to the reader who has the appropriate encryption algorithm. In addition, the data between the reader and the Advisor Advanced Central is also secured with AES encryption.