Hybrid recorders connecting to the future

Aritech has a new addition to our UltraSync™ empowered portfolio, the TruVision™ TVR17 recorders are hybrid devices that support both analog and IP cameras.

They are the perfect product to transition from analog or hybrid video installations to modern video surveillance systems that are easy to use and have embedded intelligence.

With the newly added integration to the UltraSync cloud network, the recorder can easily be connected to the internet, managed remotely through the TVRMobile app and benefit from all the UltraSync features and add-ons coming up.

Finally, the intelligent features to detect people or vehicles give that old analog/hybrid system a push into the future.

Bringing TVR17 and UltraSync together

Easy setup:

  • Combine analog/HD-TVI and IP cameras in one system
  • UltraSync support: no port forwarding or VPN connection needed and a European cloud solution
  • Simplified recording options: continuous and event recording
  • IP camera occupation detection

Easy management:

  • View video in TVRMobile via UltraSync
  • Search for snapshots of events via web and OSD
  • Plugin for non-IE browsers
  • See online users
  • Always dual stream recording for low-quality network connections

High performance:

  • Up to 16 channel and 16TB hard drive storage possible
  • People/vehicle classification for analog/HD-TVI and supported TruVision IP cameras (M/S/P series)
  • Smart codec support for analog/HD-TVI and supported IP cameras
  • Support for TruVision ANPR cameras
  • Support for cross line/intrusion detection with people/vehicle classification for TruVision thermal cameras.


The TVR17 series of recorders are ideal for small installations, including residential, small stores (bakery, jewelry, cosmetics) and mid-level commercial, such as small retail shops or bank branches.

List of products

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