Management of vehicles has never been so easy

The new range of ANPR cameras complete our TruVision line up with solutions to facilitate the management of vehicles.

The S series ANPR cameras allow you to monitor or manage vehicle access on a site. The cameras can monitor and capture vehicles entering your premises or manage parking access for vehicles based on their license plate. 

The onboard relay outputs can be used to grant or deny access for a vehicle based on its license plate. The Wiegand interface allows you to integrate the camera with many access control systems.

With its 4MP resolution and excellent optical performance, the S series ANPR cameras can capture license plates in challenging light condition.

S Series ANPR: user benefits

Easy management

  • Capture any vehicle: Find the recording you’re looking for by typing a few characters of the license plate
  • Standalone operation: no need for a recorder

Works for a multitude of applications

  • Flexible solution: out-of-the-box camera, no software needed; 2 lens options to be used in different environments
  • Access control integration through Wiegand interface 
  • Wide regional coverage: covering license plates of more than 100 countries worldwide

High performance

  • 24/7 operation, 4MP resolution, excellent optics, captures license plates in low light conditions.

Ideas of applications

Commercial buildings (shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, public parkings)

  • Manage vehicle parking access based on a list of authorized vehicles
  • Monitor and capture license plates of vehicles that enter the site
  • Integration with an access control system

Services (gas stations, car wash, car repair centers)

  • Monitor and capture every vehicle entering the gas station
  • Integrate the camera with external equipment such as the pumps based on camera I/O if no smart integration is available
  • Quickly find a vehicle by performing time based searched in combination with license plate characters

Residential (villas, private house, residential buildings)

  • Define and load a list with license plates that are allowed to enter your premises
  • Cameras can operate in stand-alone mode without any additional software or hardware
  • Use camera built-in output to control the gate


  • 4MP resolution
  • 2 lens variants
  • Built-in IR on both models
  • 2 onboard relay outputs
  • Up to 100m IR range
  • Wiegand interface
  • Extensive regional support
  • License plate database up to 10,000 records
  • Plugin-free browser support