Lights out, intelligence on

Until now, the majority of TruVision's camera lineup consisted of fixed iris models.

But times are changing. In our latest camera lineup, every model comes equipped with auto iris functionality. Now you can effortlessly adjust visibility and aperture in diverse settings, ensuring impeccable image quality even as lighting conditions shift. Enjoy the added advantage of varifocal lenses.

Our cameras deliver outstanding sharpness and top-notch image quality, thanks to their exceptional low-light sensitivity.

Elevate your surveillance experience with intelligent features like people management, people counting, and face detection, bringing extra intelligence to the brightness of your visibility.

Why are we adding the P Series to the TruVision portfolio?

  • Auto-Iris across the series, for a maximum details 24/7
    Guarantees equally precise night vision in IR or visible light, leading the industry by achieving a delicate & complex effect with an F1.4 aperture lens.
  • Sharpness in extreme low-light conditions
    With exceptional night vision capabilities and infrared technology, the P series excels in low-light conditions, providing clear and detailed images even in challenging environments.
  • Intelligence with VCA and extremely useful features
    The P series may come equipped with VCA features, such as facial recognition, which enhances security and enables intelligent object tracking, making it an excellent choice for surveillance purposes.

Person/vehicle classification makes it easier to detect what is needed and trigger the right notification.


  • 4MP and 8MP resolutions
  • Varifocal motorized lenses on all models
  • Auto-iris / P iris
  • Extreme low light sensitivity
  • Line crossing, intrusion zone, region entry/exit detection with person/vehicle classification
  • Face capture
  • People counting
  • People management

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