Control Your Doors

Aritech is excited to introduce ACCiO, the new standalone door control solution.

Accio is the Aritech solution that gives our customers full control of their doors: no need to connect it to an alarm panel.

With a capacity of up to 8 doors, it connects with card readers, buttons, contacts and can be linked to wireless locks for a full control of the premises doors with secure connections.

With Accio as a new standalone solution, Aritech is opening a new access control path to our customers – it is ideal for mid-sized installations that do not need alarm management.

To provide our customers with an adapted offer, we are happy to introduce to you the Accio kit (SKU Accio-8-kit-1) that includes a more affordable version of the user management software. It can handle 2 Accio devices for 16-door installations.  

Choose Accio for your customers


  • Accio connects directly to doors, to ATS8500 and to ATS8600 without the need for an intrusion panel, for a full access control solution.

Complete Control

  • With ATS8500, doors can be configured quickly and intuitively. All the elements are identified in the system to set up the parameters of your installation.
  • With ATS8600, users can be assigned based on a group of doors, on a schedule, on different levels of access. Position each door on a map and create badges and add/remove users. It’s fast and easy; link a video to a door to verify events.
  • Accio enables 6 readers per door and is designed to support a wide range of readers, Wiegand interfaces and wireless online locks as well as OSDP and OSDP V2 readers.
  • Accio offers the possibility to count users. The anti-passback function prevents the same credential from being used twice in the same direction.


  • Establishes secure IP encrypted connections with intelligent edge devices, providing an enhanced security solution. Encrypted integrated bus readers for OSDP supply end-to-end security.

Where we play

Accio is a good fit for customers who do not want to link access control to an intrusion central system.

The Accio-8-kit-1 is ideal for mid-sized installations as it can be used with up to 2 Accio devices.

To install more devices we suggest that you and your customers use ATS8600 as the user management software without limiting it.


  • The kit provides for a simplified user management system based on ATS8600
  • 4 to 8 doors protecting both sides of the door
  • 8 to 32 readers, with up to 6 readers per door
  • Up to 65,000 users
  • Anti-passback and user counting functions
  • Supports ATS8500 and ATS8600 to configure and manage
  • Works with a wide range of readers
  • Secure connections

Stay tuned for upcoming evolutions of Accio!